Saving and Sharing Projects
Unlike the previous versions of Microreact, newly created projects are not saved on Microreact servers unless you click the save project button (

The Save Project Dialog

To save a newly created or a modified project:
  • Click on the save project button (
    ) in the top right corner of the webpage
  • Enter a name for the project
  • Optionally, enter a brief description of the project (Markdown is supported)
  • Choose Download as .microreact file if you do not want to store the project on Micoreact servers.
  • Choose Save as a New Project if you do want to store the project on Micoreact servers (this option is only available when you are signed in to your Microreact account). You can change the project access control after it has been saved on Micoreact.org.
  • If you own a project and it has already been saved to the server, then you can choose Update This Project to overwrite the existing project with any changes you have made
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