Charts Panel
To create a chart first create a new chart panel using the
icon. Click on the chart lozenge to start creating a chart

Chart Type

The chart type should reflect the data types of the data to plot. For example an area chart will have continuous variables for both axes whereas a bar chart will have a discrete x-axis and continuous y-axis.
A custom chart using the Vega Lite specification is also possible
If you have selected Area or Line charts you may want to go back to the chart type menu and select an interpolation

X Axis

Select an X axis type

Y Axis

Most times it is likely that you will want a plot showing sample numbers stratified by different series of data in which case you should select the series variable you want to colour by and the series stacking type
The following series types are illustrated West African Ebola epidemic (2013-2016) project



Normalised Stack View

Row view

Overlapping row view