API Access Tokens

When you need an Access Token

  • When you are the owner of a Microreact project, your API Access Token is needed for interaction with your project via API.

  • An access token is required for creating projects via the API. The user whose API Access Token is used will be the owner of the new Microreact project.

  • Data-flo software connects to Microreact projects via API access, and requires the API Access Token of the project's owner.

  • To access the API directly, you need to include the API access token associated with the Microreact account of the owner of the Microreact project as a request header.

Obtain your API Access Token

  • Go to https://microreact.org/my-account

  • Choose Account Settings from the navigation menu

  • Copy your Access Token displayed under API Access section

Using Access Tokens

The Access Token should be sent as a request header named Access-Token, for example:

curl \
  --header "Access-Token: eyJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiJ9..." \

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