Metadata Column Types

Required columns

Only an identifier for your data rows is required. The ID column must be unique (i.e. each row has a unique ID value).

Optional columns

In addition, your data file (csv or tsv) can contain the following columns:
Decimal latitude (WGS84).
Decimal longitude (WGS84).
Parsed as number (i.e., 2016 and 16 are not the same year).
Parsed as number (i.e, 03 and 3 are both parsed as March).
Parsed as number.
Assign a specific colour to a data attribute.
Assign a specific shape to a data attribute.

Example - Defining colour

If you had a column named Country you would add a column called Country__colour (or Country__color) containing colour values. Colours are defined using standard HEX colour codes or valid HTML5 colour names. A colour wheel allowing you to pick colours can be found here: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=color+picker.
Unlike the previous versions of Microreact, there is no need to append __autocolour to column names to assign random colours to unique values of the column. Any column can be used for auto-colour in the new version of Microreact.

Example - Defining shape

If you had a column named Country you would add a column called Country__shape.
Shapes are defined using one of the following values:
  • circle
  • diamond
  • dot
  • heptagon
  • heptagon-inverted
  • heptagram
  • heptagram-inverted
  • hexagon
  • hexagram
  • octagon
  • octagram
  • pentagon
  • pentagon-inverted
  • pentagram
  • pentagram-inverted
  • plus
  • cross
  • square
  • star
  • tetragram
  • triangle
  • triangle-inverted
  • triangle-right
  • triangle-left
  • chevron
  • double-chevron
  • chevron-inverted
  • double-chevron-inverted
  • chevron-right
  • double-chevron-right
  • chevron-left
  • double-chevron-left
  • wye
  • wye-inverted