The Data Slicer provides an interface for filtering the Microreact project's display by limiting the data shown, based on a preselected column.

The filtering done with a Data Slicer is the same functionality as filtering from within the metadata table, but simplified to show only a single column. It's useful when the data contain many columns, or when there is a column frequently used for filtering.

Silent demo showing data slicer:

  • Choose a data column that you want to filter the data by (each of these will become a checkbox)

  • Choose a Group if you want sub-sections in the listing of checkboxes and the option to colour by a different level of detail.

  • Choose whether to show bars (and whether to colour them). The bars represent the number of data rows represented by that value.

  • Choose whether to sort the existing values in alphabetical order or by frequency of occurrence.

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