How to Link Microreact projects to Google Sheets

This tutorial shows how to create a Microreact project linked to data on Google Sheets. It also shows how to configure Google Sheets to automatically publish changes to the linked Microreact project. In order for Microreact to download the CSV file, you need to follow this guide to generate a download link for the CSV file of Google Sheets.

I. Configure Google Sheets Access Settings

  1. Upload the data file to Google Sheets or open an existing Google Sheets file.

  2. Click on the Share button in the top right corner to change share settings.

  3. Click on on Get shareable link.

  4. Make sure that option Anyone with the link can view is selected.

  5. Finally click on Done button.

II. Configure Google Sheets Publish Settings

  1. Select File menu.

  2. Click on Publish to the web....

  3. Choose Comma-separated values (.csv).

  4. Click on Published content and settings.

  5. Make sure that the option Automatically republish when changes are made is active.

  6. Click on Publish button.

  7. Finally, copy the shareable link generated by Google Sheets.

III. Create Microreact project

  1. Click on the green plus button in the bottom right corner, then select Add URLs

  2. Paste the shareable link under Enter URL.

  3. Select Data (CSV) under File kind

  4. Add more files (e.g. a Newick tree file) or click CONTINUE to created the project.

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