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Contact the Microreact team

Send feedback, request support, request a local installation, etc.
There are multiple ways to contact the team. Whichever method you choose, please ensure that you include as much information as possible to help us understand your situation.
Additionally, please add @cgps.group to your safe domains and safe senders list to prevent our responses from going to your spam folder. You may hear back from us via several email addresses @cgps.group.

Support request form

An easy way to contact the CGPS team is by filling out this form, which will populate a help request in the team's internal system (in a platform called ClickUp). https://forms.clickup.com/26483244/f/t86hc-5287/GPMM9RGVFL00LABGLN
This feature is accessible via .the navigation drawer which is activated using the 'burger bar' menu at the top left of the page. You can use the feedback form to contact us or report bugs to the Microreact support team.
Please make sure to include an email address if you wish Microreact support team to contact you.
You can also include a screenshot of the page to highlight bugs.

Secondary method of contact

If you cannot access the form for any reason, please email us at support(at)cgps.group

Information to include

The more information you provide about your situation, the more quickly we can get you a response:
  • you & your organisation
  • the URL for your Microreact project
  • exact error messages
  • screenshots (not containing any sensitive information)
  • example data (not containing any sensitive information)
  • a clear description of the question or problem
  • what efforts you've already made toward a solution

Interested in an on-prem, local installation?

Microreact can be installed behind your firewall to enable you to visualise sensitive data safely. To request a quote for the supported, Docker-packaged instance, please use the form below: