Area Chart

An area chart shows changes in quantities over time. It's similar to a line chart, with the area under the line filled in with color.

It's best used with multiple lines (series), and a continuous primary axis. Generally, the X-axis is the primary axis.

The primary axis can be Quantitative, Temporal, Ordinal, or Nominal. It has an automatic setting, but this can be manually set as well.

Secondary Timeline

TIP: A temporal axis works well to show changes over time, and can be used as a secondary timeline on your dashboard. If the data contains a column that aggregates to a larger unit of time (e.g. week number of study), this can be plotted as an aggregated timeline using that column (week number) as the axis. This is a way to simulate the unit changes that are available in the actual timeline panel.


When choosing your chart type, the default is linear interpolation, but other options may be more appropriate for your data.

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