Creating a Project

There are multiple ways to create a project.

You can start from a copy of an existing project or start from scratch.

If you start from an existing project, the data underlying that project can then be replaced with different data, so that the configuration of the visualisation stays the same even as the data changes.

Note: It is also possible to create a project via API

Newly created projects are not saved on Microreact servers until you click the save project button.

  1. From within a project, click on the disk icon in the top-right corner.

  2. Select "Save as a New Project" and give the project a new name (the Project name defaults to being the same as the original being copied, so best practice is to give the new copy a new name)

  3. This brings you to the new copy, and you can begin making edits as needed. If the same overall configuration is desired, with different data underneath, simply replace the data.

  1. Add supported files using one of these methods:

    1. drag and drop the files to the upload page,

    2. click on the Plus Button (bottom right) and choose Browse Files, or click on the "Drop files here" area, and select the files from your computer, OR

    3. link to externally hosted files. Click on the Plus Button (bottom right) and choose Add URLs.

  2. Wait for the files to be fetched and processed.

  3. Choose the ID column which identifies each row, then click Continue. The ID column is the ID that is unique to the row and shared across all data files being included in the Microreact project.

  4. If you added a tree file, choose the metadata column which contains tree leaf labels then click Continue.

  5. If you added a network file, choose the metadata column which contains network node labels then click Continue.

Microreact projects can be exported/downloaded from the server as entire projects, in .microreact file format. These can be shared and re-uploaded by other users. The .microreact file contains all configurations as well as all data from the original project, so sharing should be done with care.

The file can be dragged onto the UPLOAD page and adapted as needed.

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