Data Table

The Metadata Table panel shows the data that was uploaded as a spreadsheet (usually CSV) either at initial upload or during addition of more data tables using the add panel tool.
See Metadata Data for data source guidance.
The look of the Data Table can be formatted and sorted, and the table can be used to select (highlight) data on other panels or filter data on other panels.

Formatting table

Show/hide column in table

To hide a column, you can either click on the
or uncheck the column in the Columns configuration menu (lozenge)
To show a column, the Columns lozenge and re-check the column's checkbox.

Set column width in table

width icon will automatically set the width of the column to fit the contents. For columns with a lot of text this will expand the column enabling all the data to be viewed, and for columns with short headers and values, this will shrink the column.

Renaming columns

Reorder columns

Column order can be manually changed. Hover over the left side of the column name, and when the hand icon appears, click and drag the column right or left to the desired location.
Reorder columns

Set row density in table

The density of the rows can be altered by clicking on the density lozenge
which brings up the following dialog

Sort table by selected column

AZ button sorts rows in ascending order
ZA button sorts rows in descending order

Selecting data

To select (highlight) data across other panels by using the data table, click in the checkboxes on the left side of a row.

Filtering data

Any column in the data can be used to filter the data visualised on all panels. To filter by a column, hover over the column name in the metadata table header, and click on the
filter icon. This will bring up a dialog box with options for filtering the data, depending on what kind of field the column is.
Always click on the APPLY FILTER button to apply the filtering conditions to the column

Filter by condition

Conditions are dependent on the type of column. Choose the condition and the value to apply as the filter.

Filter by value

To filter the column by selecting one or more specific values from the dataset, click on filter by values
  • Search for specific text (or scroll)
  • Select those values you want to include