New Microreact Release 27th October 2021
The new release includes several new features and some breaking changes listed below

New features

    New panel layout manager allows more than three panels, nesting of panels, and maximisation of a single panel
    Projects can now include Charts, Notes, and Data Slicer (experimental)
    Session history now allows undo and redo (standard Mac/PC shortcuts are supported e.g ctrl-Z)
    The colouring functionally has now been completely revamped
      Any column can now be used to colour the panels. Auto-colour will be used as a default when no __colour column is defined
      A selection of pre-defined palettes are available and these colours can be edited by the user from within Microreact
      For numeric columns can be coloured continuously using a gradient
      Colour palettes can now be re-used for other columns with contain the same values.
    New data file types are now supported e.g Excel or ODS
    You can now add a geojson file for a map
    Timeline can be created from a single column containing temporal data in supported formats such as YYYY-MM-DD
    In addition to geographical coordinates, locations can be specified as ISO 3166-2 codes
    A new selection panel has been added
    Projects can be download as a .microreact file or saved on the microeact.org server

Breaking changes

    Projects are not saved on the upload page unless the user clicks on the save button
    When a project is saved you can no longer add a website or email address. However those can be added as Markdown links to the project description.
    Sign in is required for saving projects to microeact.org
    Creating and updating project now requires a .microreact JSON file as the request body. Please refer to migrating to the API page
    The short id of the project can no longer be changed on the account page
    Projects can no longer be edited on the account page
    Timelines no longer show individual data points, but instead show aggregated data as a histogram
    The map summary feature has been replaced with a new selection side panel
    The saved view button has been removed. To share the current view of a project you can now save the project as a copy to your own account and share the link of the saved project.
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